Adam Howell

As a sound guy, Adam has hit the record 
button every day since he was 13 years old.
This is his passion!

In 2002, Adam moved to LA upon graduating from Full Sail with a recording engineer degree. Beginning with an internship at Hans Zimmer's studio and working in the music industry, Adam ventured into TV as a post production sound editor. After taking his skills into the field and becoming a production sound mixer, Mics to Mix was born once David and Adam hatched the idea to deliver an incredible service from production to post... from a hot mic all the way to the final mix!

For 15 years Adam has enjoyed the privilege of mixing and supervising for a diverse client list. Capturing pristine audio is his passion, so he feels grateful for the opportunity to work with so many creative and talented crews. 

About Us

Mics to Mix is Listening!

Each of our clients has different audio needs. Meeting these requirements is our top priority and our unique ability. To accommodate a wide variety of clients, we offer professional sound mixers, equipment rentals, live recording and post-production mixing - all at competitive rates.

We are happy to provide services a la carte...or we can offer you a complete package starting with field audio recording and ending with post production sound mixing. Our exceptional turn-key approach creates accountability for the quality of audio as a whole when transferring audio from the field to post.

Our expert re-recording mixer, David Crocco (A.G.E.), has been in the business for over 25 years. With locations in Burbank and Santa Monica, David is equipped to provide foley, voice-over, mix and the printing of all deliverables for feature film, commercial and television projects. Serving as our supervising field mixer, Adam Howell has provided audio services for over a decade. He specializes in multi-track recording of wireless microphones and on-set mixing to cameras, story producers and the director.

From "mics to mix", we can facilitate all of your audio needs. Please contact us to learn more about how

Mics to Mix can best serve you. Sound speed!

David Crocco

Dave started his career as a re-recording mixer in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting in the analog world, he quickly moved over to digital audio work stations.

After two years in Atlanta, his work led him to Tennessee, where he quickly  moved into the world of mixing for film and live concert DVDs.

After five years in Nashville, Dave moved to Los Angeles, where he began his west coast career as one of MTV and VH1's premiere re-recording mixers.

In 2003, Dave founded A.G.E. Post Studios, and since then has mixed a wide variety of extremely successful shows and award winning independent films. In 2004, Dave partnered with Adam to form Mics to Mix, with the vision of better facilitating the audio process from start to finish.

After over 25 years in the audio industry, Dave continues to provide his clients with the same commitment and dedication that have always been at the forefront of his work.
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